Preschool English



Quality is a priority for us and therefor your child will be supported by trained and Swiss recognized experts.
Our support staff is there for you and your child, but the parents should also take part in our pre-kindergarten everyday activities, so we organize various events and parent information evenings.
Of course, you will be informed regularly about your child's progress during our parent's meetings. Cooperation between parents and the daycare is the basis for a successful future for your child.

In our pre-kindergarten group your child learns all of his skills in various ateliers, activities and excursions and develops them step by step, this, to support this we use our tri-lingual communication skills every day for the multicultural awareness of your child.


Our pre-kindergarten tariffs offer the desired flexibility that you are looking for in your daily lives, so that you can meet family and work obligations without any problems. We are happy to support you even outside of our opening times or days with our nanny service.
You can count on us, we are closed only on public holidays, and we offer 13 hours a day of the best care from Monday to Friday.


Learning should be fun

Your child should have fun while learning and exploring, so we make all of our activities and workshops as diverse and entertaining as possible. Our educational professionals and our educational partners strive every day to support their child in his development and to challenge them without forgetting the fun factor here. Play is just as important as learning.
We give your child the necessary space he needs, because that is evidently important to us.

Good & Healthy Eating

A healthy diet, plenty of exercise and the ability to deal with stress, for example in situations of conflict, are essential building blocks of healthy child development.
That is why we see a healthy diet as an important basis in our centre.
If your child moves around a lot and is active, he uses more energy and consequently needs more of it.

For us, the principle applies: A balanced diet is both tasty and healthy!